About Local 


Local is an education technology platform transforming youth civics education and how we participate in our communities.



Our Mission

At Local Impact Inc., we are dedicated to creating the next wave of changemakers who will lead, shape, and define our society. Local equips young people and educators with the skills and opportunities to participate meaningfully in all dimensions of civic life, ultimately preparing them for thoughtful and active citizenship in their communities.


What we do

Local is an education technology platform devoted to re-imagining civic participation and engagement in our local communities. Local uses a web and mobile-based platform to gamify civic participation for middle and high school students. Our platform also provides educators with opportunities to engage locally and build new technological skills, thus increasing their professional development and teaching capacities. Our digital platform integrates a culturally-competent civics framework with team-based learning to connect students and teachers to civic, cultural, volunteer, and recreational opportunities in their hyper-local community.


Local provides a framework in which students can actively build productive citizenship and engage in their community throughout their middle and high school career and beyond

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Local is theorized to improve academic abilities and civic engagement beyond the individual level as well. Cooperative learning among peers and educators is bolstered at the classroom level, which is important as social cohesion in learning has been shown to further improve academic abilities above and beyond individual outcomes.



As educators become more involved in their local communities, they gain cultural knowledge and awareness of learning resources beyond the school environment, which enhances their teaching strategies. As teachers become better, their students follow suit, and thus benefit from an enriching educational experience. As students become stronger learners, they acquire more necessary life skills, which increases their capacity to have an impact in their communities. Both within and outside of the classroom, social capital is also increased due to better inter-peer learning environments and community involvement among classmates and other community members.


Our Team


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Beverly Leon, Founder and CEO

Beverly is currently a student at Columbia Business School ‘20 with a focus on social entrepreneurship. She received her BA in History from Columbia University (CC’14, CUWS ‘14) and an MSc in Comparative Social Policy from the University of Oxford (‘18) with a focus on Education and Labor Market Policy. Beverly began her professional career as an equity capital markets analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York City and later decided to pursue professional soccer in Europe. Beverly has over 8 years of experience as a youth educator and coach, serving as a program coordinator for Level the Field NYC and a Teaching Fellow for Columbia University’s ‘Freedom and Citizenship’ Civics Education Program, two nonprofits working to provide equitable access to higher education for students from underserved communities – her idea for Local grew out of her time teaching.


Percee Goings, CTO

Percee is Local’s lead developer and chief social technologist. He earned his BA in Computer Science from Columbia University. He started his first company, Wallbyte LLC, at the age of 15 to develop web applications for small businesses and charter schools. His expertise in web design and data architecture led his to spearhead application development for both private and public institutions including Columbia University and Naval Surface Warfare Center. His technical knowledge extends to multiple languages and platforms: C, Java, Python, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Django, Laravel, Reactjs. He currently lives in New York City but frequents his hometown in Washington, D.C. where he takes every opportunity to spend time with his family.


Stephanie Odiase, Head of Policy Research

Stephanie Odiase is responsible for the theoretical framework and program evaluation efforts at Local. A social scientist by trade, Stephanie is experienced in the fields of social policy, evidence-based interventions, international education, and child social development. Her work with the Institute of Human Development and Social Change assessed the long-term effects of welfare policy reform during the Obama Administration on low-income families in New York City. She has also worked with the World Bank to create an assessment toolkit to determine if educational programs and policies are helping children from low- and middle-income countries reach their academic milestones, in accordance with UN SDG 4 on Quality Education. She has conducted pioneering research on the effectiveness and equity of school programs that encourage psychosocial skills to improve academic performance across gender, race, and socioeconomic status.


Jihad Dennis, Lead Designer

Jihad is a practicing designer and photographer from Akron, OH. Jihad spearheads all of Local’s UX/UI strategy and design. He is currently earning his BFA at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and has mastered several visual design mediums: digital, video, music, and virtual. His work at SLAM Magazine and Milk Studios has helped him curate a unique digital experience for all of Local’s users.

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