Think Global.
Act Local.

At Local Civics, we empower students to be involved in their local communities and provide them with the digital resources and tools to grow into civic leaders.


Virtual Workshops

We offer remote learning opportunities, professional workshops, and access to live educational instruction with qualified educators.

Why Join Us?

Civics education is missing from our schools. We provide easy, reliable access to educational resources and technology that help students become engaged in their communities and develop civic knowledge and skills.

‍Our platform help students set clear and actionable goals and keep track of their achievements on their personal dashboard. Educators can access student records and help them unlock their potential.

Start small.
Dream big.

When students are involved in their community, they develop skills that help them become active changemakers, no matter what path they take. We engage students with technology and game-based learning and encourage them to become involved and stay involved.


Students access local events and opportunities and earn rewards for participating and being active in their community.
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Educators track student progress, customize participation goals, and use game-based learning to help students succeed.
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"Young people do not automatically acquire the skills, knowledge, motivations, and values necessary to contribute to our republic; they must be educated and encouraged."
Source: “All Together Now: Collaboration and Innovation for Youth Engagement” by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning & Engagement (CIRCLE)

Our Team

The Local Civics team is a group of passionate educators, curious innovators, and dedicated builders working to reimagine civic participation and community leadership. With 12+ years in the classroom and more than 10+ years with non-profit organizations, we design exciting and accessible programming for all learners.

Beverly Leon
Founder & CEO

Caitlin Gallagher
Growth Strategy

Percee Goings
Lead Engineer

John Mueller
Partnerships Lead

Meet Our Team
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Our partners rock.

We work with some of the biggest names across the country, as well as the smallest local organizations in your community.

Jacinda's Story

“I like how easy it is to find local events near to me and see my achievements. When I signed up, I thought it would just be a list of events in my area. Now I feel motivated to do more because I can see my progress and also find events with organizations I didn’t know about.”